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Press-book for Veit Harlan's Der große König (1942)




Veit Harlan's 1942 war film Der große König, starring Otto Gebühr in his signature role as Friedrich the Great, and a superb cast and thousands of extras in the huge battle scenes, is one of the outstanding propaganda films of the Third Reich. Film historians have all agreed that the depiction of Friedrich the Great at war against a host of enemies and facing the greatest threats to Prussia in its history,  provided the film audiences with parallels to Hitler's own war at the time.

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We have a used very scarce original Tobis Filmkunst press-book for the film on offer, duplicate to the one in our Collection. It is a massive 60 pages –– almost double the standard length of such press-books -- and contains 9 sketches of the King or other characters in the film, as well as no less than 47 dot matrix photographs and captions. These in turn are printed in perforated pages allowing cinema owners to tear pages out for use in their local newspaper advertising for their local film screening.  

The press-book has many of these perforated pages separated from the binding, so loose, but they are 100% complete and intact. There are no pages missing. A few are creased and rumpled, but overall they are more than readable and collectible. Articles in the press-book accompanying the dozens of photos include ones such as "The role of his life" on Otto Gebühr," "She has a good heart" on the role of Luise, played by Kristina Söderbaum; "A typical war day of the Great King," "The Generals of the Great King," "Friedrich the Great and Maria Theresa," " After the battle," " The dangerous hour," "Friedrich the Great in Film and on Stage," "Historical Film and historical truth." Etc.

The press-book will be sent via Registered International Post from Australia worldwide. The A$26,50/€17/US$20 cost of Shipping is included in our €90 price.