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Hitlerjunge Quex Combo Offer!


"Hitlerjunge Quex" Combo Offer!



Here is a better look at the postcard and the cover of the sheet music:





It is almost impossible now to find originals of the Ufa studio promotional materials for the infamous film Hitlerjunge Quex (Dir. Steinhoff, 1933). Here we offer in one discounted combination package the following:

1. The exceedingly rare original Ufa 8 page film newspaper "Opfergeist" aimed at German youth tells the story of how the unnamed actor who played the lead role was found on the streets of Berlin, background material on the lead adult stars such as the great Heinrich George, the plot of the film, and of the unnamed Berlin boys and girls who played in all the other Hj roles, the songsheet of the film's famous song "Our Flag flutters before us", and then on the back page, a black & white full image of the famous film poster. We have only seen three of these newspapers available in over 30 years, and we bought them all!  We show here 4 pages of the eight pages.


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2. The super–rare Ufa red/white/black postcard of the film's poster, and an advertisement by Ufa on the reverse side, promoting the film "from –September in all large German cinemas...."  There is currently one of these cards listed worldwide elsewhere (through a Philatelic Shop) for US$595 plus handling fess. The  card is in overall very good shape for its age, and was not posted or used at the time.

3.  The film's Einstellungsprotokoll, that is background information and a word–for–word transcription of the film's dialogue, reprinted by the German publishing house from the original Ufa script. This book usually lists, when available, for over €50.

4. a REPRINT (not original in this case) of the impossible–to–find 1933 Ufa "Werberatschlag" 38 page cinema owner's promotional guide about the film, its plot, the stars, and all the advertising materials and stills and poster and handbills --everything -- that was available from Ufa to help market the film. Yes, the "Opfergeist" newspaper is listed in this Guide on page 28. This Guide is only available as part of this offer.

5. The original four page Ufa Ton Verlag music song sheet for the Baldur von Schirach song in the film that became the national anthem for the Hitler Youth, Unser Fahne flattert uns voran!  The cover of the song sheet is shown here (bottom right) and there is tape on the inside music pages over tears in the pages. This sheet had a lot of use before May 1945 !

The "Opfergeist" is so rare it is hard to put a price on it, but we paid over €100 for it some years ago. The Ufa postcard is selling elsewhere for well over US$600 with auction house fees added, and the Einstellungsprotokoll book is worth more than €50. The "Werberatschlag" Guide is simply unavailable elsewhere. Another copy of the HJ  music song sheet was sold at auction in Berlin for nearly €100 a few years ago. So perhaps €800–1,000 if you could locate these items at all, separately. How long would you have to look -- maybe forever.


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Our combo price including worldwide registered post shipping, €498.