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Die Affäre Rödern


This stunning full sized "A0" poster (46 x 33 inches / 1.6 metres x 1.1 metres) is for the film DIE AFFÄRE RÖDERN, which premiered on 14 July 1944 -- just 10 months before the collapse of the Third Reich. Very few Nazi  film posters were printed after this date!

Below: the film being announced on the 1944 Ufa film studio calendar:

Affäre Rödern sheet.jpg

 #####    S O L D !!!   #####

A dramatic scene from the film from our Collection of film stills:


The plot of the film is thus:

General von Rödern has prepared plans for a novel underground fortification at Fort Schweidnitz. He is unhappily married, falls in love with a singer. Whilst at the Austrian Embassy, he accidentally loses a part of the plans and they are found by the French Marquis d'Orion, his rival for the singer, who gives them to the Austrian Ambassador. The courier to Vienna is imprisoned at Fort Schweidnitz. In the subsequent war, Schweidnitz is captured by the Austrians and Rödern is brought to Vienna, where he again meets the singer, this time on her death–bed. He succeeds in returning to Prussia, clears his name, but is killed helping to recapture Fort Schwednitz.

Because of nationalist and miliitarist propaganda, the film was BANNED by the Allies in 1945.

The poster will be sent to you folded. As a BONUS , you will also receive a DVD-r DVD, playable worldwide, of the FILM (without subtitles, in the German language.)