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Der Film als politisches Machtmittel


Der Film als politisches Machmittel  (The Film as an Instrument of Power) was written in 1933 after the National Socialists took power.

It was written by Dr. Hans Traub, who was at the time a professor at the University of Griefswald and a Referent at the German Institutre for Newspaper Clients in Berlin. He later joined the Ufa studio at Babelsberg as head of the new Archives of the 'Filmakademie' Film School. He wrote the official history of Ufa (Die Ufa, 1943, Ufa Buchverlag, Berlin)  and was an important film expert and researcher until his death during WWII through blood poisoning. 

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This 30 page booklet examines the use of the motion picture in feature films, cultural films, educational films, newsreels (Wochenschauen) in terms of propaganda and "Tendenzfilm" potentials, and the role of the Censor as a propaganda agent.

Traub argues that the motion picture is the second most important means of delivering language and propaganda –– the most important means being the voice of the Führer. He further argues that movement and rhythm are both tools of propaganda and ideology.  

As one of the first, if not the first, statements about the use of film by the Hitler regime in government, it is a very rare and important document.  Postage included, worldwide.