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Blutendes Deutschland


BLUTENDES DEUTSCHLAND (Director: Johannes Haußler, 1932, Terra-Film, running time: 36 Minutes / 978 meters.) The film depicted Germany from the establishment of the Reich by Bismarck in 1871, through to WWI, the Red uprisings, Ruhr occupation by French troops, Germans in the throes of the inflation–ridden Weimar Republic, and the rise of the NSDAP, with Hitler’s eventual assumption of power. It is considered an important film of "Zeitgeschichte" made prior to Hitler becoming Chancellor.  A second longer version of the film was released on 30 March 1933 running 68 Minutes / 1855 meters to incorporate footage of Hitler’s assumption of power on 30 January ’33 and the celebrations across Berlin by the Nazi Party and its members  –– and was the very first feature–length film of the Third Reich. The famous iconic scene of the Sturmabteilung men and others marching through the Brandenburg Gate with torches is depicted on this poster.The film is today lost and only an 17 minute fragment exists in the Bundesarchiv. The poster was designed by graphic artist Erich Meerwald, who designed few motion picture  posters, and is most famous for his postage stamp designs for the Reichspost and post–1945 for the Bundespost.

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Shown here for background information, from the Gillespie Collection, are:  a very rare B&W original still from this lost film, showing the wife of Kaiser Wilhelm alighting a horse–drawn carriage in WWI, an exceedingly rare original 96th Street Theater cinema handbill advertisement for the film in 1941 in Manhattan, the Illustrierter Film–Kurier program for the film, and a German newspaper page heralding the new film and its storyline.  The 96th Street Theater handbill, written in German for German–Americans,  explains the plot of the film thusly:

"This fact-filled film was produced by National Socialists in 1933 shortly after the seizure of power. And when seen by today's eyes, it is as interesting and contemporary as it was then. The newspapers daily are full of war reporting and full of unfriendly commentaries. One cannot really understand much, one cannot know the deep causes....(but) here you see VERSAILLES ! Germany senselessly dismembered, disenfranchised, patronized, sucked dry, the Ruhr occupied by the French, 46 political parties - hopelessness - despair. The struggling youth marches to Germany's future. Adolf Hitler speaks. Dr. Goebbels speaks.

Both of these speeches are perhaps the most interesting, given by the men of the New Germany. They were held long before the seizure of power. And they are just as fresh as then, yes, even more interesting, because in the meanwhile we have seen how serious and honest their words were really meant.

The last great public mass gathering before the seizure of power. The appointment of Hitler as Chancellor.

BLUTENDES DEUTSCHLAND is an historical document in the true sense of the word, which no German should miss. "

 The film's  festive premiere at the UT-Kurfürstendamm in Berlin (Deulig Tonwoche newsreel, 1933):


Deulig Tonwoche 1933.jpg



 The original  Blutendes Deutschland  poster available for sale here, is 33 cm x 46 cm in size (between a DIN A3 and A2 in size), or approximately 13 x 24 inches in size.  We have, in more than 30 years, only seen two of this original poster for sale, and we bought both of them! This one is the second one we bought, which we are selling in order to earn funds for further poster acquisitions.  The poster has pinholes on all four corners, as it was actually used to promote the film in 1933. The poster also has a pinhole in the body of the poster, just to the left of the second Roman column on the left half of the poster. The poster was folded for decades in half. This crease will soften if not disappear if the poster is linen-backed or the poster is matted and framed. Given the fact that the poster survived WWII, Red Army and Allied destruction of all Nazi propaganda, then post-war West German denazification and/or DDR suppression, it is in reasonable shape for its age. With its iconic Stormtrooper torchlight parade on Hitler's assumption of power, it is remarkable that it survived at all.  INCLUDED in the purchase price is a good condition original "Illustrierter Film–Kurier" film program (8 pp.), the cover of which is shown on the row above the yellow text poster above... the "IF-K" for this film is very rare and copies infrequently for sale on the internet command between €50 and €75 each when available.


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