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Hitlerjunge Quex poster for sale




This super–rare 1941 wartime poster for Hitlerjunge Quex was printed in Occupied Belgium for the film's premiere at that time.

This propaganda film had been banned in Belgium from 1933 until the Wehrmacht arrived. Limited showings of the film were then held at major cinemas such as the Roxy and Studio 48. We have one of these posters in our permanent collection, and found this one in a French auction some years ago. The film's German name, as shown on this poster, was used in the German–speaking and Wallone area of Belgium. In the French-speaking areas, and in France itself, the film was screened and marketed as Le jeune Hitlérien.


T R A D E D !!    N O    L O N G E R     A V A I L A B L E !



After the war ended, all such posters were ruthlessly destroyed and/or burned as a shameful part of Belgium's wartime collaboration and history, and this surviving poster is exceptionally rare.

This poster is 15 inches x 27 inches large, so perfect for framing and displaying. The wartime Belgium censorship office "postage" stamp of approval is still attached to the poster's left edge. The poster is in overall good condition for its age with bright, vibrant colours. The poster is linen-backed, which makes it ready for framing, and that backing would normally cost $150-$200 alone by a professional poster gallery. 

Price is €980 ppd. worldwide with Registered Airmail delivery.

Belgium (Occupied/WWII)