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What's new in 2018?


(New acquisitions of importance shall be added as the year unfolds......)


Our first acquisitions shall undoubtedly be two extremely rare Imperial Japan - circa 1938/39 -  Olympia film items promoting Leni Riefenstahl's classic film in wartime Japan. The first item -- depictedjapanese_press_sheet_olympiad_a_TY00414_B.jpg RIGHT --  is a two–sided A3 press-sheet printed on thin cardboard. One side depicts B&W stills from the film with Japanese Kanji text. The other side is an A3 colour mini-poster of the famous discus–thrower from Part I of the film.  The second item --depicted LEFT --  is an actual film poster, backed on linen and in excellent japanese_misc_olympiad_linen_SD11863_B.jpgoverall condition, of an Olympia film motif which is not one found in our French, Belgian, Finnish nor Czech original posters for the film. It is of the Olympic flag, with a small B&W photo montage of the Parthenon, and the title of the film in Kanji. The poster is 21 inches x 30 inches in size. As we shall be on annual leave between now and mid–February, these Olympia film items are not scheduled to arrive until late February after our return. Therefore, no earlier acquisitions are likely to eventuate at the start of 2018.....