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What's new in 2018?


(New acquisitions of importance shall be added as the year unfolds......)


Our first acquisitions are two extremely rare Imperial Japan - circa 1938/39 -  Olympia film items promoting Leni Riefenstahl's classic film in wartime Japan. The first item -- depictedjapanese_press_sheet_olympiad_a_TY00414_B.jpg RIGHT --  is a two–sided A3 press-sheet printed on thin cardboard. One side depicts B&W stills from the film with Japanese Kanji text. The other side is an A3 colour mini-poster of the famous discus–thrower from Part I of the film.  The second item --depicted LEFT --  is an actual film poster, backed on linen and in excellent japanese_misc_olympiad_linen_SD11863_B.jpgoverall condition, of an Olympia film motif which is not one found in our French, Belgian, Finnish nor Czech original posters for the film. It is of the Olympic flag, with a small B&W photo montage of the Parthenon, and the title of the film in Kanji. The poster is 21 inches x 30 inches in size.  


Update: These Olympia film items have now been photographed and can be found in  our Poster Gallery.


The Uƒa film studio celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1943, marking the occasion with the extravagant and costly special effects fantasy film on s-l1600.jpgBaron Münchhausen. The Total War restrictions placed on German society suspended most film publications and full–colour advertising materials, but we have acquired a rare silver anniversary publication by Uƒa aimed at German cinema owners.  This is one of  the only full–colour Uƒa publications which we own from 1943, and are delighted to add it to our Publications Library.

s-l1600 (1).jpg

Up-date: We have scanned all 12 pages of this brochure and set up a new web page devoted to it here.



The 1934 film Der verlorene Sohn, starring and directed by Luis Trenker is considered an early propaganda film of the Third Reich, albeit mild in the overall ideological tendency. Partially filmed in Great Depression Manhattan, it contrasts the happy idyllic, bucolic life of Tyrolean farmers as contrasted with the grim reality of US soup lines, unemployment and despair. It is a classic and a film for which we have never been able to acquire an original German poster. We have had a large format French poster in our Collection, as well as some original German film stills. We have now purchased an original German poster, albeit without the film title or cast credits. This is undoubtedly a foreign distribution poster, printed in Germany and exported to a foreign land where an over-printing in that country's language would provide local audiences with a film title they could understand. This poster was unused in that way. The graphic designed was Kurt Geffers, who was one of the most prolific and respected graphic artists from Weimar era through to the post-war decades. We show at left below the actual poster sheet we have acquired, and to the right the full poster as it was printed for Germans in Nazi Germany. The difference in the ink colouring of the two images is due to the one on the right being a poor quality snapshot of the poster in another collection.  The colours of the image of our poster sheet at left are true to the actual colours of the poster.   

 Update: This poster sheet can now be found in our Poster Gallery.




















It was only a few months ago that we acquired an original 1942 poster for the important Italian WWII military film, Giarabub. The film is described in our "What was new in 2017?" web page and with the poster itself in our Poster Gallery. We have now acquired, by coincidence and luck,

Giarabub-2--tb.jpgthe second version of this poster by the same graphic artist. We also obtained from him two Fotobusta from the same film, to add to the six we already have. The second poster and the 2 new Fotobusta  have been photographed and added to our Poster Gallery.





The Edgar Neville film Carmen Fra I rossi ("Carmen inside the Reds") was an anti–Communist spy melodrama taking place in the battle for Madrid during the Spanish Civil War. The film was based on Neville's novel and produced at the behest of Mussolini's Italy. A Spanish version with a different leading man was co-produced at the time --- the first-ever motion picture collaboration between Spain and Italy. We have a web page devoted to the film and our original Spanish poster. The film was also dubbed in German and released there in 1941 under the title In der rotten Hölle ("In the Red Hell"). See our web page to read an English translation of the film's opening night review in Berlin! Film stills are exceedingly rare. We have been fortunate to find five in 2016/2017. Now we have purchased a further three from a seller in Barcelona, and one from a German seller. The first five stills were issued by Bassoli Film in Italy, the next 3 from the Hispania Tobis distributor, and the last one from the German DIFU distributor.  An obscure, forgotten, long lost and recently re–discovered film,  but a fascinating one!


The three new stills from the Spanish distributor of the film:




Any time that we can find a Filmprüfstelle censorship card for a well–known Third Reich propaganda film, we are happy to try to acquire it. We have just done so for the 1936 Karl Anton film White Slaves (Weiße Sklaven), an anti–Bolshevik melodrama with Camilla Horn, Karl John, Fritz Kampers, and Werner Hinz. We own the 1936 French poster for the film as well as the post–war re–release poster under the new film title "Battleship Sevastopol." The film was recycled and shown in the BRD during the Cold War, as were some other Nazi propaganda films (the Soviet Union  using Nazi films itself --- showing Ohm Krüger in that country in the 1950s as an anti–British ploy, and the Soviet criminal puppet state the DDR showing Selpin's Titanic in those years before the film was ever shown to BRD audiences, due to British objections.)


s-l1600-1 (1).jpgs-l1600-2 (1).jpg




s-l1600.jpgWe have acquired 42 original 1935 lobby cards for the Hans Steinhoff film Der Alte und judge König, issued by Deka Film, with the Reichsadler censorship  embossed imprint of the Reichsfilmprüfstelle office. It is rare to acquire so many original film stills from a Third Reich propaganda film. The film stared Emil Jannings as Friedrich the First, tyrannical father of the young, sensitive Friedrich, known later as Friedrich der Große. The two meter tall soldiers depicted as the palace guards to the king were actual members of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, from the Berlin–Lichterfelde barracks. With their uniform hats on, they towered over everyone else at about seven feet.




The Danish Tobis Filmkunst brochure on the Liebeneiner euthanasia film, Ich klage an, has been acquired. Note the front cover's original art work, which does not appear in the French nor German publicity for this film. It is likely the actual poster design for Denmark.


Our 3rd Italian MÜNCHHAUSEN poster from 1943! In this case, a 100 cm x 35 cm poster banner in bright colours.