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The William Gillespie Collection in Sydney


The hundreds of original posters, film books, film Zeitschriften and press materials shown and listed on this website are held in a private collection in Sydney, Australia. Occasionally posters and documents from the collection are loaned to museums for use in an exhibition.

The original German film studio publications, annual new release poster books, pressbooks and ephemera are very rare, and have taken more than twenty years in acquisition. New items are added as they come onto the marketplace through auction houses, on-line listings and through offers from private collectors.



The German film studios, until mid-1944 when the war brought severe paper shortages, usually had two or occasionally even three separate graphic artists design different poster images (or 'Muster') for the same feature film. For example, the Liebeneiner biopic on BISMARCK had two designs: the Peter Pewas one shown on this website, and a second design by Dessel (not in the Collection).

Given the scarcity of original posters extant from this era, the Gillespie Collection has had luck over the years in acquiring more than one poster design for a number of films represented here. There are no less than eleven original MÜNCHHAUSEN posters from all over 1943 Europe. There are six OHM KRÜGER posters - the two German studio 'Muster' posters, plus two from Italy and two from France. There are seven TITANIC (Selpin) posters - the two 'Muster' from Germany, two from Italy, and one each from France, Czechoslovakia  and Belgium. There are also five different  ROBERT KOCH posters from Germany, France, Czechoslovakia and Belgium. There are quite a few other films which have at least two posters within the Collection.

In addition, there are two German 'Muster' for DER KAISER VON KALIFORNIEN, two German posters for WIEN 1910, the two for GEHEIMZEICHEN L-B-17, two for WIR MACHEN MUSIK, the two Czech original posters for Riefenstahl's OLYMPIA, both a German and French Steinhoff REMBRANDT, in addition to two German STUKAS, as well as the red one from Sweden. Finally, there are six designs for Zarah Leander's box office hit DIE GROßE LIEBE,  the two from Germany, one from Italy, one from Sweden, one from France, and one from Spain. There are three designs for the military film, DIII88, the original one from Germany,  one from Belgium (Flanders) and the associated one from fascist Italy.



Reproduction permission from the Murnau Stiftung, Transit Film and the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv for publication of some of these posters was granted in 2007, and the book FILM POSTERS OF THE THIRD REICH (click to purchase online in pop-up window), by co-authors William Gillespie and Joel Nelson, was published in July 2007 by GN Publications. This limited-edition book is the first-ever to focus on the propaganda film posters of this era.